Green-fingers Program - New for April 2020

Guests will have the opportunity to partake in growing their own vegetables while taking in some essential Vitamin-D in our lush gardens. We are providing everything you’ll need PPE, hand tools, potting soil and seeds. Each rental unit will be allocated an easy accessible space to allow social-distancing while having access to everything you need to be able grow and nurture their own plants.

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Garden Volunteers

Keep busy and pro-active while taking in nature signing up and volunteering in our tropical gardens. Guests will be allowed to partake in our general garden maintenance program, which includes cleaning up leaves, pruning fruit trees, weeding or whatever else they can contribute with. We will provide tools and PPE required for each task. Guests are required to have their own protective garden boots to partake in this activity.


Get out your Guide and Binoculars! Discover an amazing variety of birds right from your balcony or go in search of the many nests and species found around the property gardens. Take a hike and explore the surrounding neighborhood while searching for new and interesting species.


The property offers some great stargazing opportunities for the celestial minded bodies!

Nature Hikes

You don't have to wonder off far to enjoy nature! Simply wonder through our gardens or go for a walk in the surrounding neighborhood offering an excellent opportunity to spot wildlife. There are many beaches, rivers and waterfalls a short drive from our location waiting to be explored. 

Read a Book

Simply take some time to relax and read a good book while enjoying the sights and sounds of the jungle from the privacy of your balcony or find a spot elsewhere in the garden or property on a hammock or outdoor chair provided to our guests.